I’m Luke Agbaimoni, a digital designer / photographer based in London.

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The Tube Mapper project has featured in online, printed, radio and televised publications. Here’s a growing list of articles. If you wish to feature the project please get contact me.


BBC Radio London interview on the Robert Elms show about the tube mapper project 06/04/2020

BBC NEWS 14/03/2018

BBC London News live interviews me about the Tube Mapper London Photography project. Shown 6.30pm BBC News March 14th 2018

LONDONIST 29/01/2019

Take a ride around the circular bit of the Circle line. Tube Mapper feature 29th Jan 2019


Interview by YouTuber Geoff Marshall who reviews travel, transport, the tube & London,  17th Feb 2019

BBC NEWS VIDEO 14/03/2018

BBC London News online creates this photography reel showcasing the Tube Mapper London photography project. March 2018

Tog Space 11/04/2020

Amateur Photographer Magazine 12/01/2019

All City Canvas 27/5/2019

My Icon Story 19/09/2018

London Evening Standard 10/03/2018

Amateur Photographer Magazine 10/02/2018

Lewisham Ledger 01/07/2018

La vie du Rail Feature 13/04/2018

Passion Passport Feature

Passion Passport Feature 13/11/2017

Awol Junkee 20/10/2017

This City Knows 24/06/2017 June 24, 2017

Juno – Winter 2014

The Docklands Newspaper 18/05/2011